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Performance insoles for sport & comfort

BoogioPTL are the only carbon fiber insoles that are custom made for your feet.

The only custom printed carbon fiber insoles

BoogioPTL are the only custom printed insoles that are made just for you. Custom fitted means better performance.

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Advantages of using BoogioPTL

Go faster on each run.
Jump higher with each jump.
Prevent foot related injuries.

Customer's Love BoogioPTL

After long shifts on my feet in the ER, finding proper support was crucial. These insoles deliver just that and more. The cushioning foam makes my hospital rounds more comfortable, and the design really does promote better foot biomechanics. They help me stay focused on my patients rather than foot fatigue.

Anne T
ER Nurse

These insoles have been a game-changer for my workouts. The carbon fiber provides exactly the right amount of energy return I need for high-impact training. They fit perfectly, and I've noticed a marked improvement in my performance and foot comfort throughout even the most intense sessions.

Chad M
Atheltic Trainer

How we make BoogioPTL custom for you

Take a look at how we make each pair of the BoogioPTL custom insoles.

Just for you

How we customize your order

Follow these simple steps to get your custom carbon fiber insoles.

1Place your order

Click on the order button and fill in your payment and shipping details. Our team will be notified of your order.

2Watch for our email

Next, we’ll send you an email with instructions for capturing the dimensions of your feet. Follow the instructions and send us the required information.

3We make your insoles

Then, we will make your insoles, custom to your feet, and send to the shipping address you provided.

Meet our leadership

Our leadership team has a diverse background, having worked at companies such as ASML, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and IBM.

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    Jose Torres

    Co-Founder / CEO

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    Giovanni Nino, Ph.D

    Co-Founder / VP Technology

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    Tobias Abdon

    VP GTM

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    Vince Leat

    Strategic Advisor

Order your pair today!

These are the only pair of super insoles that are 3D custom printed to the specifications of your feet. Get your pair today for our special introductory price!